What support is available to me?
Internal Support - Sexual Violence Liaison Officer

To speak confidentially to a Sexual Violence Liaison Officer (SVLO), you can make a named report online by clicking the links at the bottom of the page. A SVLO will then get in touch to discuss your options with you and will be able to offer appropriate practical and emotional support tailored to your circumstances. 

How can a Sexual Violence Liaison Officer help? 

You have access to our support regardless of whether the sexual misconduct happened recently, or if you were subjected to any form of sexual misconduct before you came to Swansea. With your consent, we can help you with: 

Referrals to counselling and medical services 
Academic and accommodation adjustments 
Understanding the reporting options available to you, such as speaking to the police 
Accessing sexual assault referral centres (SARC) and other specialist organisations 
Navigating systems and resources within the university and the community 
Guidance on University procedures such as making a formal complaint via the Dignity at Work and Study Policy 

People react and deal with sexual misconduct in many ways. Any way you choose to proceed will be fully respected. We will support you on whatever path works best for you. We will handle your disclosure with confidentiality and will respect any decisions you make-we are here to listen and support you. 

External Support

New Pathways Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
A special facility where recent victims of rape or sexual assault can receive immediate help and support. This includes access to a forensic medical examination, which is carried out by an experienced and qualified doctor, and the opportunity to speak to the Police about what has happened to you if you wish to do so. Victims who attend a SARC also receive help and advice from one of the Crisis Workers who can offer to support and stay with you throughout the process. 

The following organisations can offer further support to victims of sexual misconduct : 

  • Rape Crisis: A free telephone helpline that can provide advice to women and men, as well as online resources. 
  • Victim support: Options for support as a victim of crime 
  • NHS Choices: Help after rape and sexual assault 
  • BAWSO: An all-Wales voluntary organisation, providing specialist services to victims and BAME people affected or at risk of Domestic Abuse and all forms of violence 
  • Swansea Women’s Aid: Swansea Women’s Aid is a women-only organisation that supports women, with or without children, who are affected by domestic abuse. 
  • Support Line: Confidential telephone helpline 
  • Mind: Mental health charity 
  • The Survivors Trust: Specialist organisations throughout the UK 
  • Karma Nirvana: Charity that supports victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour-based abuse
  • Survivors UK: A free and confidential telephone helpline for men and boys who are dealing with the effects of sexual violence
  • LifeCentre – Helplines and online support for victims of sexual misconduct 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened